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Journalism Award

The North Carolina Correctional Association is accepting nominations for its Annual Outstanding Journalism Awards. The awards recognize two North Carolina news organizations viewed by the North Carolina Correctional Association as having done the most in the past year to increase public knowledge about correctional issues. The North Carolina Correctional Association will present two awards: Printed Media and Electronic Media. The awards will be presented during the closing brunch at the North Carolina Correctional Association Annual Training Conference in November.

In an age where public perception is highly influenced by the media, it is important that corrections recognize the efforts of those who strive to inform their audience through fair, complete and competent reporting. If your agency or organization knows of a news organization report worthy of consideration, the North Carolina Correctional Association urges you to submit a nomination to the Awards chairperson according to the following guidelines:


  • The award will be made to professional North Carolina Journalists or news organization, i.e. television, radio, newspaper or magazine.
  • The subject material may encompass any area of corrections.
  • The work involved may entail ongoing coverage of correctional issues over a long period of time, a series of pieces or a single piece.
  • The news report must have been released within one (1) year of the nomination. Because nominations are due by September 2, 2013, eligible news reports should have appeared between September 1 and August 15 of the preceding year.
  • The work should exemplify thoughtful, insightful and constructive commentary; a depth of knowledge about corrections; factual presentation with engaging style and clarity; and high standards of journalistic integrity.

Method of Nomination:

Correctional agencies and NCCA affiliates may submit the names of the prospective nominees, or news agency may nominate themselves for the award.

Nominations should be accompanied by a copy of the broadcast or printed news report.

If a correctional agency or organization submits a nomination, it must contact the nominee in advance to obtain permission to submit the piece for consideration.

Nominations and all supporting information should be submitted by September 2, 2013 to:

NCCA Awards Committee
P.O. Box 10404
Raleigh, NC 27605-0404